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Where is it? How extensive is it? How can I find it? - The answers to these and other very important indoor mold questions
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You Are Hearing More & More About Mold Everyday...

"Household Mold Doubles Kids Asthma Risk..."
"The Hazards of Toxic Mold..."
"Toxic Mold Making Workers Sick..."

and other such stories are filling the headlines of newspapers and feature stories on the leading news programs across the country.

But closer to home, what may be making your headlines is being uncomfortable (at the least) or even deathly sick (at the most) in your own home or at your place of work where mold has taken over your life.

Mold Dogs of Utah has seen these headlines and knows how mold can effect the lives of those who have been infested.

Your home should be a safe haven, and any invasion of it seems to violate your sense of safety. Even if the intruders are the tiny microbes of mold spores invisible to the natural eye. But mold can't hide from the keen sense of smell of the highly skilled Nose that knows, Duke of Mold Dogs of Utah!

As Certified Mold Inspectors, and over 1,000 hours of training Duke and the team at Mold Dogs of Utah are ready to get to work for you to find the mold that is shackling your health and taking away cherished moments with your family.

Get you & your family back to living life mold alert free...

Have Confidence from the Nose that Knows!

Are you ready to take care of the mold the right way the first time? Contact us to schedule Duke today!

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Mold Dogs of Utah is here to provide you the information you need to have about mold in your home, office or living space.

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Also get to know the rest of the Mold Dogs of Utah team that will pinpoint the mold for you.


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